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Find the Guru in You

FIND THE GURU IN YOU in 40 days to direct the release of dormant, divine female energy known as Kundalini Energy.    Shakti

Do you want to be supported by a coach as you embody your soul energy and increase your mental clarity learning to take response-ability for a better life?

What is awakening? It is the art of awareness about the Higher Self. Miss Giordano’s name translates to “garden” in Italian. She is an expert at pulling “psychic weeds” from your mental Mind, or consciousness. Awakening is an individual journey that includes many options and it’s essential to have discerning guides who have done their own spiritual work. That way they can help YOU uncover your own path. Heaven is here now!

Find out now. Get help to awaken and embody Soul Light and evolve your Consciousness.


  • Three hours per week of focused coaching time
  • A personalized plan of action with weekly activities
  • Transformative results and a unique 40-day meditation

Jen Giordano specializes in —

Healing through personal transformation using yogic science, soul embodiment coaching, and energy balancing.

In Essence, she is committed to Be-ing the MEDICINE by providing multidimensional experiences for those who practice with her. Jennifer has varied experience with spiritual awakening, meditation, Buddhist empowerments, aerial arts, Reiki, Access Bars, Kundalini Yoga, AIReal Yoga™, dance, exercise physiology, and health sciences.

Call or text 415-359-3210

What’s in it for you?

  • Physical and Mental STRENGTH
  • Increased Mental CLARITY
  • FLEXIBILE mind and body
  • Stress RELIEF
  • Increased ENERGY
  • CLEAR mental blocks
  • Address trauma with self-awareness
  • Decreased emotional reactivity
  • Live a Life Full of Ease

With Kundalini yoga, you enter the UNKNOWN part of your mind and make it known. Become your best version of YOU.

Infinite possibilities will open up.

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Choose to Find the Purpose in Your Pain

Private sessions using our specialized, prescriptive approach.

Sessions involve specific guided medical meditations, kundalini yoga, and mantras, bringing balance to the chakras, and guiding you into altered states of consciousness.

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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga: The Yoga of Awareness

kun·da·li·ni    ko͝ondəˈlēne
(in yoga) latent female energy coiled and dormant at the base of the spine, root chakra/muladhara.
A yogic system of meditation, sound and yoga postures (kriyas) directed toward the release of kundalini energy.
YOGI HARBHAJAN SINGH KHALSA began delivering the teachings of Kundalini yoga, a 5,000 year old technology, here in the US in 1968. He is believed to have taught over 8,000 classes, as the “Mahan Tantric” or Master of White Tantric Kundalini Yoga. Yogi Bhajan said in 1971, “We do not get rid of the ego or deny anything that is in us. We explode the ego by guiding it to the Universal. We will not sit and beg softly that we may someday find God. We will make ourselves so strong and pure that God must come to look for us and look after us. God already has your number, let Him look you up.”

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AIReal Yoga™

AIReal Yoga™

AIReal Yoga™ uses a looped fabric (hammock) that swivels freely on a single point taking you to a higher level. It allows you to deepen your stretch, correct your alignment, and safely perform inversions. It is a fun and funky fitness option for those who desire flexibility, core strengthening and wish to access their INNER CHILD!
Jennifer has introduced a NEW technology developed in 2014 which integrates the science of kundalini yoga with the multi-dimensional fitness activities using an AERIAL HAMMOCK. She has practiced the aerial arts as a performance artist and a fitness professional since 2000. She was featured in American Acrobats shows, Disney California Adventure Park, Fox Sports, Maxim and Playboy magazine. Her company “Radiance Technology LLC” is a creative healing arts practice. Founded in 2014 in Marina del Rey, Ca and Beverly Hills, CA.

AIReal Yoga™
Would you like to learn more about AIReal Yoga™? Learn more here.


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Becca ShackBecca Shack
Jennifer helped me release a ton of stuck emotions and I emerged from our session feeling much more vibrant and full of joy. She was able to pinpoint a lot of what I was going through with her intuition and I felt so understood and cared for. She is a truly sensitive and talented healer.
Ericka Vox NuñezEricka Vox Nuñez
In Jennifer you will find strong gifts of faith, love, joy, and divine enthusiasm blending beautifully with the simplicity and goodness of her humanity that inspire her healing love and intention and blesses all that surround her.
Kent JohnsonKent Johnson
Energy, clarity, presence, and awareness. Increases in each of these things came into my life as a result of meeting Jennifer and studying Kundalini Yoga with her. One of the most important attributes a teacher can have is that of an honest listener.
Michelle Paloma DeviMichelle Paloma Devi
Jennifer is a glorious being doing the good work. Grateful to be around her. Activate your life, radiance and increase your joy!
Nikki Noce, MD, Reality TV CelebrityNikki Noce, MD, Reality TV Celebrity
The two hour session with Jennifer was wonderfully nurturing. Her attention to detail was felt from the moment I entered the space until I left. She made me feel very comfortable to receive the technology and to express anything I needed to. She has a warm, loving way about her and the session put me into a soothing, relaxation mode. Was the perfect treat!
Kandace Lindsey, SingerKandace Lindsey, Singer
Jennifer was such a pleasure to work with. She really helped me through different stages in my pregnancy. Of course, I was going to my regularly scheduled doctor appointments. At the time I had symptoms of extreme tiredness and low energy as I reached my 5th and 6th months, she intuitively suggested that I take a certain type of Iron pill that the doctor didn't suggest. After I started taking the supplement, I felt like ...
Ashley Erica, ArtistAshley Erica, Artist
This was an amazing transcendental experience for me. I felt so much lighter afterwards and I was stronger JUST where I needed to be. My life since my experience is what I wished for. Thank you.